NBA 2K17 Released Well-Timed Layups Available

The official NBA 2K Twitter account announced that new screenshots of the game will be shown off every day at Gamescom. NBA 2K17 was on full display at GamesCom 2016 and there were some who took note of a possible key change that could make a lot of sense.

One of the criticisms that NBA 2K has gotten through the years was about the application of skills to play the game. For most, making it easy made it more like an arcade game than something that would require the proper sense of playing basketball aside from scintillating graphics. All that may finally change with NBA 2K17.

Through the years, NBA 2K has applied that circular meter many may have noticed on the player they are controlling. It shows the stamina in one-half with the other a gauge on NBA 2K17 how accurate a shot is when taken. Ideally, that would be reserved for making jump shots but based on the feedback of some gamers, even layups will now need timing and accuracy.

Some have become apprehensive on the possible feature those it does fall in line with rants of making NBA 2K17 more realistic. It will add the element of skill meaning driving towards the basket will no longer be as easy if you don’t time it perfectly.

This is something based on the observations from the folks who were at GamesCom 2016 and could be an oversight. Just the same, the feature should be treated as a challenge than something that could make it difficult to play.

Worth noting is that the NBA 2K17 footage happened during close range shots and against defenders. Seeing players try to make a layup in open court with difficulty would have been better before making major assumptions.

"NBA 2K17" is significantly less than a month away from hitting the streets, as well as the award-winning video game is slowly providing fans a glimpse of what's to come in the series' newest iteration. But it is undeniable that the gameplay details are slowly revealed.